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Before you head out to your local sports store to purchase that expensive treadmill or recumbent bike, take a look at my fitness gift guide and see how you can use inexpensive equipment to get in the best shape of your life.

I’ve put together a list of things that I and my clients use. There are no machines whatsoever in our programs. It’s simple and it gets the job done fast! Plus, you won’t have huge equipment hogging up space in your house which means more room for bookshelves! Always a plus for homeschool moms.

Here is a list of my favorite equipment to create your at home gym.

Foam rollers are used both before and after workouts. Foam rollers help release muscle tension, knots and increase suppleness. When you use foam rollers on a regular basis you will improve recovery, lessen muscle soreness and decrease your chances for injuries. Less than $20 and it lasts forever.

Here’s a nice DVD to get you started.

Stability balls are great tools and can replace the adjustable bench in many exercises.

Aaaah the kettlebell! I couldn’t say enough about this beautiful little ball of iron. I like to train with multi-joint compound exercises and this little guy fits the bill perfectly. Training with a kettlebell takes care of strength, fat loss and cardiovascular exercise all in one! This should be a staple in everyone’s exercise program. Women who have not exercised for some time should start with an 8 kg, women with more fitness conditioning can begin with a 12 kg and men can start with a 16 kg.

Need help with nutrition? I always refer clients to Dr. Jon Berardi’s Precision Nutrition. No gimmicks, crazy supplements, or dieting just straight forward science. He teaches you to eat what to eat, when to eat and why you eat whole foods.

The last thing you need to round out your home gym are some dumbbells. I didn’t list them here because you can always find them on sale at your local sports store this time of year.

Now, with all this new equipment, you need a program to get started with. I recommend personalized workouts rather than cookie cutter programs. Also, you need to have a support group, a team of other women to cheer you on, bounce questions off of and a knowledgable coach to guide you and advise you along the way. Inspiration Fitness Club is a great way to start off 2009. You will receive expert advice, personalized workouts, a support group, nutrition coaching, daily feedback and a new body! It’s less expensive than joining a gym and hiring a personal trainer.

Well, that’s it! That’s really all you need to get in the best shape of your life. Surprised! Don’t listen to the sales people at Sears! They’ll have you purchasing treadmills, ellipticals and crazy exercise machines! Less is more!

Merry Christmas!



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