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Yesterday was a scary and busy day for my family.  My husband’s mom and sister were flying in from California so we took the day off from school to get all the last minute cleaning done.  I had to take my 11 year old to an orthodontist for a consultation while my 16 year old drove to the train station to pick up my husband.  What was supposed to be a simple task, turned into something rather scary!

When I got home from the consultation I received a phone call from my daughter that she was lost and in Illinois.  She had jumped on a wrong freeway and didn’t notice that she had until she drove past the “Welcome to Illinois” sign.  Dear daughter was really shook up so we had her stop at a store, go inside and wait until we found her.  It took us almost an hour to finally find her because the store clerks kept giving us horrible directions to the store.  Thank God for cell phones in emergencies.

This got me thinking this morning of how this relates to some women’s fitness journeys.  You begin with a predawn plan or diet and start out with great intentions then something in life causes a detour, maybe an illness, a catastrophic event, laziness – something, and you find yourself going down a different road entirely – maybe the wrong direction.  What causes this to happen?  Why do you do this to yourself?

I think you just don’t have a strong enough “why”.  There will be a lot of people starting New Year’s Resolutions that relate to health, weight loss and fitness.  Very few will actually complete that resolution because they just don’t have a strong desire to accomplish it.  They want to lose weight, get healthier and look better but their is no driving force behind it.  Nothing that will keep them going when the going gets tough, because it will get tough – life happens!

If you are gearing up to get in shape this New Year’s, figure out why you want to do it first.  Don’t just tell yourself you want to lose weight and look better.  Weak reasons! 

Ask yourself these questions:

What is the specific reason you want to lose weight? 
What is holding you back? 
What are you doing that isn’t helping? 
What will you do every day to get you to your goal weight?
What is your goal weight?
What date will you get there? (Don’t be ridiculous now!  Be realistic or you will fail.)
Who will help you?
What will you change in your life?
Why do you want to do all this?
What/Who will it effect?
What will you look like when you’re done?
What will your life be like when you’re done?

Really think about these things this year.  Write your answers down and put them where you can read them every day.  Build that burning desire.


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Everyone knows how much a emphasize the importance of setting goals.  You must make them realistic and achievable. 

Start with a big goal and break it down into smaller goals by working backwards.  I like to use this analogy.  Say, my goal is to organize my kitchen.  Well, that’s a pretty big goal!  I don’t want to hole myself up in the kitchen forever, so how can I accomplish this without spending an entire weekend on it?
First determine what needs to be done to accomplish this goal:
1.  Go through all the drawers and remove unused/unwanted items.
2.  Go through all the pots and pans and get rid of unused/damaged items.
3.  Go through the cabinets and get rid of unused/damaged items.
4.  Go through pantry and get rid of unapproved food items, damaged goods, expired goods, etc.
Next, take #1 and break it down even further:
1.  Pick one drawer and set a timer for 15 minutes.  Go through the drawer until it is done.  Pick another drawer tomorrow.
15 minutes is a much more manageable time frame and you know that by the end of the week, you will have tackled 7 drawers.  Some days you might do more than one depending on how much clutter is in them.
This is the same approach you need to take with goal setting.  Make your big goal and work backward with all the things you need to do to make this goal happen.
Let’s take this kitchen analogy a step further.  There are some things that you might do that will impede your progress.  Let’s say you are working on drawer number one and you see an item that belongs in the bathroom.  You procede to take that item to the bathroom and come back to the kitchen.  You see another item that belongs in your office so you trek to the office to put it back.  More time wasted! 
I’m sure you can see where I am going with this.  We allowed ourselves to get sidetracked by these small items and have made the task of getting the drawer organized take a lot longer. 
You should stop yourself and ask, “Is this activity I’m doing going to lead me closer to or further away from my goal?” 
This applies to activities you are doing, foods you are eating, etc.
Make sure you are reading your goals twice a day:  When you wake and when you are going to sleep.  Keep them in the fore front of your mind. 
Make sure everything you do is in tune with your goals. 

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