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100_1480I am going to have a crazy weekend. I’m in a Christian band, Spoken For and we are recording our 2nd album this weekend. I never look forward to being away from the family for an entire day or two, but once I get there I always have a great time.

I think the kids enjoy two full days of “daddy time” since he spoils them silly! (Making my angry face)

I have to be there by 8 am tomorrow morning and we will probably record until 6 pm. The guys NEVER eat good. Sherri and I are both avid exercisers so we team up and choose healthy options for lunch.

To survive a weekend like this you MUST plan ahead. I have my handy, dandy cooler that I pack with all my essentials. I make sure I have some cut up vegetables, boiled eggs, protein pudding, a back up lunch in case the options are bad and raw almonds/raisins mix. Those are my standbys. I usually eat these during the week also.

Being at home can sometimes be a hindrance when trying to stay on track because I have a budding chef in the family. She makes the most incredible dishes that I would consider cheat meals most of the time. LOL Yesterday she made puff pancakes with white sugar! Ugh! I didn’t even know we had white sugar in the house. Luckily, I have 4 girls and between them they finished it all off before I could get any. Whew!

I’m sure you are incredibly busy all the time like me. When I look back at all the things I accomplish during the week I wonder how I ever made it through. God is good!

Your key to being successful in your fitness journey is to PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. Homeschool moms are at an advantage with this because that is what we do with the most important people in our lives. We plan our children’s educations. Don’t neglect your health or the health of your family. They need you to be at the top of your game.

Have a great weekend!


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In today’s fast paced society, kids are getting the short end of the stick nutritionally.  They are overbooked with extracurricular activities that keep them from their families.  When they are home they are often found watching television or playing video games.  I rarely see kids playing outside in my subdivision.  Homemade family dinners are replaced with processed, convenience foods that can be thrown in the microwave.  All of this convenience comes with a price – obesity and a diabetes epidemic in our nation.

Children should be eating less preservative and chemical laden foods and eating more “whole foods”.  Instead of processed foods, give them a diet rich in vitamins and minerals from whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruits, lean protiens and healthy fats. 

Stop buying sugar laden cereals and opt for whole grain options.  Be careful by reading the labels.  Many cereals have put the label “Whole Grain” on them but they still contain way too much sugar.  Kids will have a blood sugar crash an hour after eating it and their school performance will be affected.  Make them whole grain pancakes or muffins for breakfast.  Use allrecipes.com to find new recipes your family will love. Pancakes and muffins can be made in large amounts and frozen in individual portions to be reheated quickly in the toaster or microwave in the morning.

Other changes you can make is to replace beef and pork with chicken and fish.  Switch to skim milk.  Make vegetables and a whole grain the center of dinner with meat as a side dish.  Cut up a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit for kids to snack on.  They love them with dips such as plain yogurt mixed with different herbs and spices.  Try to stay away from creamy dressings.  They are usually filled with so much fat and sugar. 

Introduce whole wheat bagels, pretzels, pastas, brown rice, yogurt, celery with peanut butter, baked tortilla chips and many other healthier snack options. 

The biggest way to help your kids eat healthier is to eliminate junk foods from the house.  If ice cream and cookies are in the house, they will eat them.  Your home should be a safe zone for them and for you.  They should be treats that are eaten at church potlucks, dinners out or with friends. 

Learn how to read food labels and then teach it to your kids.  It will be something they will appreciate for the rest of their lives.  Get them involved and make it fun. 

Most of all, remember they are watching you.  You are your child’s role model.  They are always listening to what you say also.  Set the example for the lifestyle you would like them to follow.

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I spent the weekend traveling with a Saturday stop at my grandmother’s house and the following day at a tumbling meet for my oldest daughter. 

It’s easy to allow these little excursions to derail your fat loss efforts but they don’t have to. 

No one in my family can resist grandma’s homemade noodles and pies.  So, what do we do?  We enjoy them.  There is no need to stress when you’re visiting family as long as you make most of your choices smart. 

I had a good helping of vegetables and roast pork then shared some pie with my toddler.  She was only interested in the whipped cream anyways. 

The hardest part of the weekend was eating at the tumbling meet.  I have never understood why they serve such horrible food at sporting events.  It’s atrocious! 

Pretzels and canned cheese sauce

Tortilla chips and canned cheese sauce

Microwave butter popcorn

All sorts of candy and pop

I was able to bring my own snacks so this is what I did for this meet.  I ate a good breakfast of eggs and vegetables.  I brought a cooler filled with water bottles, an apple and some almonds.  After the meet we went to a sit down restaurant where I could order some healthy food. 

It’s not difficult to stay on track when you’re away from home, but it does take some planning.  Always be prepared.

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Awesome!  That’s my response to the new regulation set by New York City.  The Gotham’s Board of Health voted a second time to require calorie counts on the menus of restaurants with more than 15 locations nationwide, which effectively means chains and fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc.  The calorie counts have to be the same size as the wording on the menus. 


The subway trains are also posting advertising for the next 3 months advising people that they should eat at least 2,000 calories a day.  Unfortunately, saying that EVERYONE needs to eat 2,000 calories a day is not a great recommendation.  Someone who is sedentary and overweight will probably not need that may calories a day.  Calorie requirements are a very individual thing depending on your activity level, the amount of muscle you carry and how much body fat you have. 

I do believe this is a step in the right direction for the general public, but it will not, on its own, end the obesity crisis in our country. 

This is pretty simplistic in its explanation but for most to lose weight you need to:

1.  Move more

2.  Eat whole foods and eliminate all processed junk

3.  Eat less calories but enough that helps you maintain the muscle you have gained

4.  Strength train

Most adults try to complicate simple things, make excuses for everything and do nothing to change for the better. 

America has a tough battle ahead to stop obesity in this country.

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Olympian Michael Phelps to Be Featured on Packages of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes(R) and Kellogg’s Corn Flakes(R) Cereal

I have a pretty good idea that this will have a huge impact on Kellogg’s revenues as kids clamor to purchase these boxes of cereal with their hero on them.  I think having heroes is awesome as long as they represent the values that we want to see emulated in our children. 

I do have a problem with Kelloggs though.  The boxes of cereal Phelps will be featured on are all sugary, high fructose laiden junk food. 

As an advocate of health and fitness, Phelps should’ve insisted on being placed on boxes of healthier cereals to encourage children to make better choices.  I’m rather disappointed in him. 

“As an Official Sponsor of the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team and a proud sponsor of Phelps, it is only fitting that Kellogg Company feature this world-class athlete on its iconic boxes of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes cereals,” said Marta Cyhan, Vice President, Global Promotions, Kellogg Company. “Michael embodies the values behind our Frosted Flakes Earn Your Stripes(TM) program. He knows that winning is not just about the glory that comes with gold medals, but about good sportsmanship, working hard and being your best.”

We know very well that olympians do not make Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes a regular part of their diet and I find it rather disgusting that Kellogg’s would stoop so low to increase their sales than by using our innocent children.  Childhood obesity is a major problem in our company and its the sleezy marketing of these big companies that are to blame.

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Could it really be possible to exercise for as much
as 14 hours a week and still gain body fat?  Sadly,
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Precision Nutrition is the program I follow and most fitness professionals will agree with me when I say that this is the best and most effective program out there for becoming healthier and leaner.

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My Success Coaches
My Success Coaches

I have to admit that this past weekend was one of the most exciting and exhausting experiences of my life.  I participated this year in a coaching program that completely revamped things in my business but also gave me even more confidence than I thought I could ever possess.

It was awesome to actually meet my coaches in person.  They are great guys and very successful in the fitness business.

It really got me thinking about how important it is to have coaches or mentors in your life.  You should really surround yourself with people who are living and breathing the lifestyle you wish to have.  I have mentors in my Christian walk, in motherhood and in business.

Look for those that not only talk the talk but walk the walk. 

If you are looking for a mentor in fitness, look no further.  My online coaching program is your ticket to finally getting in shape and making a difference in the health of your family.  I am living the fitness lifestyle everyday and know the struggles that moms face.  I homeschool four children while running my fitness business and it is definitely a challenge. 

Join me and the other women in our online coaching program featured in PFP Magazine and make permanent changes today.



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