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http://www.InspirationFitnessCamp.com presents the Gasser Fat Loss Circuit performed by Winfield Indiana’s women only boot camp.  This is a great workout you can do at home using a dumbbell and a stair step.  For the running portion you can substitute running in place for 1 minute.  You can get your children involved by letting them use smaller weights.  I suggest using a 15 lb. dumbbell as seen in the video.  Rest as needed at the end of the circuit.  Complete as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes.  Enjoy!


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Partner Workouts are great for fat loss.  My boot camp ladies had some fun today with our 20 minute shuttle run circuit.  Each team tried to do as many rounds as they could.  It was a lot of fun.  Not much talking during this workout.  It’s a tough workout.  Give it a try.

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David Whitley of www.IronTamer.com performs a turkish get up using my RKC partner, Aileen.  Crazy stuff!

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RKC and Proud of it!

Team Jones

Team Jones

 I just got back yesterday from my Russian Kettlebell Challenge and can now call myself an RKC Instructor. It was the hardest thing I have accomplished besides giving birth to four daughters!

I was pushed to the limits mentally and physically. There was a lot of sweat and tears. Thank the Lord there was no blood, in fact my hands look wonderful. Some of my teammates had some nasty looking tears and blisters. Yikes!
I am proud that I was able to accomplish this as it wasn’t easy. I learned so much and was overwhelmed with the amount of information that was condensed in those three days, but because you were actually doing all the drills yourself, you amazingly retain a lot of what you learn.
I have a great respect for all RKC’s and my teammates that cheered me on during the grad workout.  Thank you. 

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I am winding down after a very eventful day!  Here was my travel log:
Make sure everyone is fed so we can get out the door at 11am. 
Husband decides at 10:30 that the van needs to be vacuumed. 
Wait impatiently on the couch while the hands on the clock move to 11:03am.  Finally, sending the girls outside to yell at him to get a move on. 
11:15am wait biting tongue rather hard while husband finishes his lunch.
11:25 am we are finally on the road.
Get to the airport at 12:30 – made good time.  Check in and husband decides we all need snacks and we take the airport train to the international terminal.
It is now 1:00 pm and I am stressing as I watch my young daughters try to eat their giant soft serve cones the size of basketballs. 
1:10 pm – I give hubby “the look” and we proceed to take the airport train back to my terminal.
1:25 pm – I proceed through security and wait for my flight.
4:10 pm – I arrive in the Twin Cities and proceed to baggage claim.  I wait and wait and wait and wait for my luggage.  I am the only person left staring at the conveyor belt. 
4:45 pm – I decide to wander over to the conveyor belts in the international side of the baggage claim area.  There sits my bag – all alone – feeling much like I did – forlone and forgotten.
4:48 pm – check in to the airport shuttle and told will be 10 minutes before my shuttle arrives.  Go stand outside and wait.
5:00 pm – a woman comes outside and starts yelling for  Angela Ramos.  I answer and she tells me I’m on the wrong side of the building and my shuttle is waiting.Shocked
5:05 pm – I get on the shuttle on my way to the hotel.  Driver gets lost when we reach St. Paul, AngryI receive a phone call from my friends wondering where I am cause they are starving (so am I!).
5: 35 pm – finally reach hotel.  Clap
The rest of the evening went okay, but dang, all that craziness makes me wonder why people would want to travel every week for a living!  Or maybe these things just happen to me!  Ermm

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It has finally arrived!  I am hopping on a plane today and traveling to St. Paul, MN. 

I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown.  I am now ready to realize another goal for the year.  I trained hard for this weekend and I know it will pay off.

When I return I will be start some kettlebell boot camps as well as fitness camps for kids.  So many new things starting up that I am absolutely excited about!

It is so important to set goals for yourself.  Not just fitness goals, but also goals for your family, spiritual, school year, career, financial and educational.  I make sure to always review my goals every day at least once but I attempt to read it three times a day.  Make a list of your goals and don’t be afraid to dream BIG.  Then, take action!  When you have a goal you are working toward you have focus and a purpose.  You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Well, off to do my last minute packing.

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Awesome!  That’s my response to the new regulation set by New York City.  The Gotham’s Board of Health voted a second time to require calorie counts on the menus of restaurants with more than 15 locations nationwide, which effectively means chains and fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc.  The calorie counts have to be the same size as the wording on the menus. 


The subway trains are also posting advertising for the next 3 months advising people that they should eat at least 2,000 calories a day.  Unfortunately, saying that EVERYONE needs to eat 2,000 calories a day is not a great recommendation.  Someone who is sedentary and overweight will probably not need that may calories a day.  Calorie requirements are a very individual thing depending on your activity level, the amount of muscle you carry and how much body fat you have. 

I do believe this is a step in the right direction for the general public, but it will not, on its own, end the obesity crisis in our country. 

This is pretty simplistic in its explanation but for most to lose weight you need to:

1.  Move more

2.  Eat whole foods and eliminate all processed junk

3.  Eat less calories but enough that helps you maintain the muscle you have gained

4.  Strength train

Most adults try to complicate simple things, make excuses for everything and do nothing to change for the better. 

America has a tough battle ahead to stop obesity in this country.

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